What you don’t know about Pontoon Boats

Bennington Luxury Performance Pontoon Boats

Utah Water Sports is now the proud dealer for Bennington Pontoon boats.   Bennington blows your previous idea of Pontoon boats out of the water. You have to come to see how these boats are a perfect blend of function, luxury, and performance.
We have identified five key areas the new Bennington Pontoon boats blow your previous ideas of pontoon boats out of the water. Performance, handling, quality, comfort, and water sports. Keep reading to see how Bennington truly modernizes Pontoon boats.



Engines are one of the largest upgrades you can do for performance you can pick the size of engine you want for the performance you desire,  You can even add an additional engine to satisfy your inner horsepower freak. Dual engines add more performance options with expanded docking control and more.
For the Water Sports lovers, engine size of 150 horsepower will give you plenty of power. Single engines go up to 425 horsepower in both single-engine and dual-engine configurations.


Today’s pontoon boats are nothing like they used to be.  Technology has evolved the pontoons to handling that rival’s fiberglass boats.  In addition to modernized pontoon shapes additions like Performance foils, keels, lifting strakes, and hydraulic steering get the boat up and out of the water faster while giving you better handling and performance.  These additions also enhance handling at lower speeds and shallow waters as well.

Check out these Benningtons we have in our Inventory


The true test of quality is how long a company will stand behind their product.  Bennington Offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the structure, pontoons, gates, channels, motor mount, and rotomolded seat frames.  If anything goes wrong they will fix it. There is also a Lifetime Deck Warranty. Bennington uses 7-ply, pressure treated, marine-grade decking. Since they fasten the rails & deck directly through the understructure, Bennington decks flex less and last longer.

There is also a 10-year Bow to Stern warranty.  All materials and workmanship are covered, in this transferable warranty.
Here are some of the Highlights. 

  • No Handoffs to suppliers, Bennington will take care of all claims.  
  • No Pro-Rating Bennington does not use a declining scale of coverage.  
  • Bennington Dealers receive 100% of their retail shop labor rate.
  • Excellence in customer satisfaction.  Bennington has earned the Customer Service Indes award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” an industry-leading 21 times every year since it’s inception.


No two boaters are alike, everybody has different features and accessories that they hold important to them.  Bennington offers dozens of size and floorplan options, that can be outfitted his dozens of accessories from interior fit and finish, Entertainment bar and galley options, trim finishes and more. Choice means you can get the boat you want with the options you want, to make your boating experience the best for you.

Water Sports

Bennington offers a variety of ski pylons, towbars, and tower options to satisfy your water sports needs.  Combined with various engine sizes, privacy enclosures, and ladder options you can outfit your Bennington perfect your water sports.

So what do you think? Ready for a pontoon upgrade?

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